Hope Projects

Hope Projects

We help where the need is greatest. Our programs benefit homeless single mothers, battered women, orphans, impoverished women and children, and trafficked teens worldwide. Below is a list of the local and international shelters and organizations we are committed to supporting:

  • Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF) stands for unity promoting life and family development through active involvement in setting and carrying out family goals.
  • Expectant single mothers in KBF program in the Philippines are provided a holistic and rehabilitative service which includes food, shelter, medical care (pre-natal, childbirth, post-natal through the hospital), casework & counseling, value formation and spiritual growth, skills training & personality development and family therapy. The counseling is focused on family preservation and permanency planning for the child.
  • The service operates a home for single mothers called Nazareth Home that can accomodate twenty (20) single mothers at any ...
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  • Since 1984, Love-A-Child Missions has been serving needy women and children of Contra Costa County by providing emergency shelter, food, clothing, and offering hope through substance recovery programs, job training, educational support, and many other programs.
  • Love-A-Child Missions is the largest recovery shelter in Contra Costa County, serving over 400 women and children annually. Their strategy focuses on healing the whole person by providing emergency housing, nutrition, clothing, recovery services (from substance abuse and battery), parent education classes and counseling with daily personal growth classes. They work to resolve the issues that have caused homelessness through providing stability, ...
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  • A Filipino womanhood that emerges with dignity and self-worth out of the mire of misfortune and human cruelty, through God's unending grace.
  •  To provide a home where broken lives may find wholeness of spirit and integrity and to enable women and their families to become contributing members of society.
  • Promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and growth of unfortunate women and children.
  • Helping unwed mothers plan for eventual return to society and for the child's future.
  • Providing care and nurture for infants.
  • Caring for destitute and orphaned children until proper homes can be found for them.
  • Providing temporary ...
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  • A child-caring institution for children in need of special protection, those who are abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned and poorest of the poor.
  • Extending developmental services to children allowing them to become self-reliant, productive, independent individuals using a family atmosphere and reintegration into normal community life.
  • Has various programs such as residential program, support program and services, outreach program, and sustainability projects to respond to the needs of the children living in the Foundation, in the streets, and those
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A shelter for battered women from religious and Haredi communities in Israel. This shelter not only provides a safe haven for these women and children, but also serves as a crucial stopgap, breaking the cycle of intergenerational violence. They provide Child Care & Counseling Social services for victims of abuse, for Jewish women and children who are forced to leave their homes to escape abusive situations. Moreover, the Bat Melech Israel Center for Family Justice provides individual assistance in addition to referring women to the legal aid caseworkers who help with all aspects of the case ...
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A children's home dedicated to children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, and mistreatment. Neve Michael Children’s Village is the only multi-disciplinary children’s home in Israel to offer a wide range of professional services on one site, such as psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, social work, conventional and para-medical therapies and education. Established in 1943, this 7-acre campus in Pardes Hanna is a safe haven for children 5 to 18 years of age who have been removed from their homes by Israel’s Welfare Department due to extreme traumatic circumstances such as family dysfunction or neglect, violence ...
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An Orphanage on a Small Organic Farm in Palawan. It’s a Christian ministry serving the Lord Jesus Christ on the island of Palawan in the Philippines. Keith Michelson is the founder and Executive Director. He and his wife Narcy are House Parents in charge of 15-20 babies, staff, farm workers, goats, ducks, chickens, fishes, dogs and cows ...
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News and Announcements

In 2018, the Lord is leading Bridge of Hope-World to continue to “build bridges” to help thousands more underprivileged children and women worldwide. On January 2, 2018, Bridge of Hope-World has literally built bridges connecting two villages in Mindanao, Philippines where hundreds of children and women crossed the old dangerous bridge daily. In February 2018, Bridge of Hope-World will be reaching out to public schools in the poorest area in the Philippines starting with a Medical Mission Outreach on February 24, 2018 to provide free medical services and giving away vitamins, medicines, and medical supplies to families in need. Please pray for the success of this mission.

In addition, Bridge of Hope-World is happy to announce that we are adopting another shelter for the impoverished children and women in Israel and in Palawan, Philippines in February 2018. We give all glory to our God! Join us in praying for funding to flow to help many more children and women in need worldwide.

We thank the Lord for your prayers and financial gifts! There are several ways to give:

  • Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/donate/Bridgeofhopeworld or simply click on “Donate” button on bottom Homepage.
  • A check payable to Bridge of Hope-World, Attn: Ava De Guzman, 1255 Treat Blvd., Suite 300, Walnut Creek, California 94597
  • Venmo @ Bridgeofhopeworld

*Thank you to all our past and current supporters who have made all our outreach and mission trips very successful, life-changing, and rewarding. The women and orphans we have helped at the shelters were encouraged, prayed for, received skill training, support, donations including small capital funding for aspiring single mothers to start a small business, new maternity clothes, moms and babies exercise mats, baby supplies, new bedding, home and kitchen appliances, a complete room make-over, food supplies, nursing kids and supplies, birthday celebrations, a VIP treatment at WINGS events, and most of all, accepted Jesus Christ in their lives as their Lord Savior! Praise the Lord! Your reward will be greater in heaven! All glory to God!

*Bridge of Hope-World is always looking for skilled trainers and motivational speakers with a willing heart and a helping hand to volunteer for all future mission trips in the Philippines.

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