Living a Cause Greater Than Ourselves

God has called each one of us to live for a cause greater than ourselves. Let us help support others in their needs so they are lifted up and motivated to reach their full potential to glorify our God, to be blessed, and become a blessing.

Bridge of Hope-World is made up entirely of volunteers who are always glad to give their precious time, provide comfort, offer prayers, deliver salvation message, provide encouragement, and share their God-given talents and skills to the women and children in need around the world. With the active participation of the volunteers, the unwavering support of our partners, and the generosity of our supporters and donors, Bridge of Hope-World continues to adopt more shelters for women and children globally by providing their immediate needs, fulfilling their wishlists, providing in-kind and financial support, and extending opportunities to help homeless women get back on their feet and to replenish the mind, body and soul of children in dire need of help in several depressed areas of the Philippines, Israel, and even in the United States.

Join us in our effort to provide continued support by sharing and giving your precious time, skills, resources, and prayers.