Opportunities to Help


We are calling individuals, churches, and private organizations with willing hearts to join Bridge of Hope – World in building bridges to connect to waiting single mothers, abused women and orphans in poor communities worldwide.


If you have a “willing heart”, become our sponsor today! Choose from any programs and opportunities close to your heart from our “Get Involved” section or page. Please contact us, or donate directly through our website and indicate which specific program you would like your donation to go to. Every little help goes a long way. 100% of your donation goes entirely to your choice of sponsorship program.


If you have a “helping hand” and would like to volunteer, we are always looking for skilled trainers and motivational speakers willing to travel abroad. No one is turned away even if you are an inexperienced volunteer. The greatest gift you can give someone is your time because you are giving them a portion of your life that will never be taken back.

Bridge of Hope – World is made up entirely of volunteers without compensation. Our motivation comes from the grateful faces, uplifted spirits, and enriched lives of the people we are able to help one step at a time. Come join our dynamic team of local and international volunteers today!