Miracle at the Medical Mission

Our recent school medical mission wouldn’t have been a big success without the help of our Partners- Medicare Plus and Philus Technology and to all our Sponsors and Individual Volunteers who came to support the mission and served thousands of children in need. Special mention goes to Leo Ribas of Philus for his tremendous help and outstanding leadership in coordinating with our partners, sponsors and volunteers. Thank you to our sponsors- Elaine at Philus, Mike Leach at Cubic Compass, Being Girang at CTG Printing, Julie Manlapaz at Bread&Butter Bakery, Nellie Sevidal at ManuLife, Doc Paul and team, Intern Doctors including outside doctor volunteers, Air Force One, Chef Carl, Bennie, Gabbi, Lynn, Jayson, Christine, Grace, Rhea, Nette, Imelda, Leni Enriquez, School Principal Van and OIC Leonardo, BoyScouts and Student Council, and to the rest of the hundreds of selfless volunteers who came to serve at 6am and stayed all day without complain. Thank you for being a huge blessing! Above all, THANK YOU, Jesus for the opportunity to give and to serve!


A lot of first hand witnesses at the event can attest to the big miracle that took place after lunch time when we started running out of food and medicines but

towards the late afternoon, everyone was fed more than once or twice and we even had plenty of left overs that we had to give to all the teachers. Moreover, we had boxes of medicines and vitamins left that we had to leave behind to the school to give to the rest of their students that were not able to make it.


Praise the Lord! All glory to our God!


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